Thursday, 3 November 2016

Are you a real woman? Or not?

Are you a real woman? 

Or not? You might be a man and in that case the following words might not apply to you too much. Unless you want to be a woman (we will get to that later)

So vogue have their real woman issue so they can relate to you know more real women. 

Because you know the models init before weren't real women but anyway....

What defines a real woman? 

Apparently people aren't happy as all the real women in the current issue are maximum size 12 and all stunning. 

Well get me...I guess stunning women arent real either! 

So I ask again what defines a real woman? 

Anyone over the size 14? 
Anyone who doesn't wear make-up?
What about women who dont wear weave, nails, tattoos or coloured contacts? 

Are they not real

What about transwomen? 
Depends on how you look at it; are they not real women either?

However.....let me throw in my two cents: EVERY WOMAN is a real woman!!! 

I can only see the vogue issue as a step in the right direction as I guess a lot of women cannot relate to models and that's OK but they are still real women. 

And in terms of the women are too stunning?? 

Those people need to take several seats because if you can see beauty in someone else and not see it in yourself then that's your problem not vogues. They are there to sell magazines and as much as the media influence us, its not on them to determine your self esteem. And come on ladies we buy vogue because of the beauty. We can appreciate other women, or even appreciate the clothes they are wearing. 

Size is another thing,as long as you are a healthy individual real women come in all sizes, fair enough vogue could have upped the plus sizes in the issue doesn't dismiss that women under a size 12 aren't real women. 

I'll say it again every woman is a real woman. 

Even if you are a transwoman, or it you identify as a woman, then (unless you're invisible) your a real woman. 

Women who have had their breasts removed, wombs removed, feminists, non-feminists, the Kim kardashians and the no make up wearers, the vegans and the meat eaters (no arguments here guys just making a point lol), the skinny, slim, fit, thick, curvy, fat, tall short, the ladies in wheelchairs, the ladies with learning disabilities and hidden disabilities, blind ladies,deaf ladies, ladies suffering with mental health , the ones with phds and the the ones with no education,the rich girls and the homeless. 


Everyone's perception of beauty is different but my first perception of beauty is what I see in the mirror. Dont forget make up is an enhancer most of these beautiful women we speak of we will still see their beauty without the make-up too. 

Soooo before we get outraged about something that we have no plan in changing lets try change the world in the way we can. 

Rather than constantly bringing each other down lets lock arms and show the world that beautiful feminine energy and stop being a bitchy mess all the time. 😏

Peace out ya'll and  calm down! ✌🏿✌🏾✌🏽✌🏼✌🏻✌️