Saturday, 8 November 2014


Cat lady?

Crazy cat lady? 

Does having a cat mean a world of singledom and loneliness?

What about 2,3,4,5,6 cats?

Are us single female cat owners doomed for eternity?

Don't men like cats?

Did you guys see the cat in beyonces single ladies video?

Look closer!

Soo I've got myself the best little black cat in the world and I was told im enroute to being a cat lady Orr a cat is my psychological replacement for a boyfriend?? Eeeek Then my cat goes missing for a week and I nearly have a breakdown (parents I take my hat off to ya). But all I know single or not having a pet has taught me compassion and how to care for something other than myself. I love being followed around the house by a living being who other than pouring out the food can look after itself and apart from breaking my certificate frame doesn't stress me out I actually love my cat so I really want another one, does this mean im enroure to being a crazy cat lady? Well im already crazy so who knows?

Watch this space!

Cat Ladies United!! 

Picture credit from 'not right in the head' group on facebook

Monday, 27 October 2014

Is Thin-shaming just as bad as Fat-shaming??

Everywhere you look on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook someone is posting a picture how men love women with curves and that skinny women should eat cheese burgers etc. Which in jest is all fine and dandy. However on the other hand if someone started a campaign on all men hate curves and fat women should back away every time they saw McDonalds, the viewpoint changes. I would like to make it clear that being either overweight or underweight isn’t healthy however there is very little if any understanding to how people get into these conditions in the first place. There the argument that the media allow such images to portray a more slender body type as acceptable in modern day society but as someone who has always been quite slim (even more so as I get older),  it is NOT acceptable unless you are on the front cover of hello or ok magazine.  I say I eat a fairly ‘healthy’ diet with an even healthier body image, however, due to genetics or the way my body is programmed, the foods I eat that I kinda stay in the size 6-10/skinny-to-slim/ low-but-not-underweight-bmi –range. It could be a range of reasons. But sometimes I get the feeling it is like ‘how dare you be so tall and slim’ and it’s not like I can really put the attitude back as ‘how dare you be so fat’ as that is seemed rude and disrespectful. But turn that attitude around; I see pictures on twitter and Instagram of women degrading other women because of the lack of ‘curves’ or womanly body parts. Which in some cases has definitely lead to the rise in breast and bum implants. I understand fat-shamming is also an issue but that’s another discussion for a different day. Anyway the point I am trying to make here is that women should not slander each other no matter what the size or shape. All women need to spend a day watching the dove commercials and love the skin they are IN before they can start throwing stones (or bones as per the memes).

Thursday, 28 August 2014


This is the new age, the age of he dreamers,thrill seekers, risk takers, entrepreneurs, independence, enjoyment, knowledge and everything else. As a 25 year old living in a world where everything is a grey area, everyone is taking knowledge from different places making it their own. Nothing, absolutely nothing is truth. As T. Harv Eker always says at the start of his seminars 'don't listen to a word I say' because he is speaking from experience, giving advice based on HIS truth and it's up to you if you want to use it or believe in it. However if this is the case why is there so much resistance, so much argument? And I can say I too am guilty of thinking MY truth was so much better than everyone else's. But it's not. Everyone has their own journey, their own past, living in the present and becoming into their future, therefore if someone is happy, how can we judge? We often try to help others who don't want/need to be helped and we often try to help others out of their misery but only they can do that for themselves. From becoming more aware of positive and developmental psychology from my uni studies it opened a whole new world for me. My life has been a series of ups and downs but through all these opportunities I have been presented to me it's now time to live MY truth and inspire others to live life through theirs. 

Friday, 11 July 2014

Independent ladies?

Hi, so it's me again, still single you know how it goes, well now here's something new just moved half way across the country and moved into my own house, broke the bank a bit (must save more) but you know thought I'd take a note from destiny's child 'the house I live in, I rent it' and all of that jazz. However as much as bey, kel and mich wanna talk about buying the shoes on their feet etc they did not tell you about the bedroom furniture or the estate agents ordering the cooker too late so your having to live off random cupboard food and the odd mcds if your in a hurry, which may I add isn't the best diet for someone who is looking to start training for tough mudder (a mega hard obstacle course) anyway my wardrobe (and bed) arrived today and the delivery man was a bit old so I felt bad asking him to take it up the stairs so when he left I guess I thought I would channel my inner hulk and attempt it myself! Eek managed to get one box and major back pain :( I had to lift each piece up the stairs and felt like I had done tough mudder already! The bed frame was easier, but a king-size matress up a very narrow stairwell? Nearly broke my back, then to make matters worse the wardrobe needs a new back panel and the bed & matress needs sending back :/ the point I'm trying to make here ladies is that if I had some sort of male around the house I would be back pain free and saved myself about 6hours putting all the fittings in my yet-to-essemble wardrobe! I think it's all good us being independent and I love beyonce as much as the next person but the next time she's singing all the single ladies think twice about whether or not he's putting a ring on it because at least she's got jay-z to put her wardrobes up! 

Friday, 28 March 2014

To date or not to date....

Ok, so I am up at silly o’clock getting ready for bed, about to wrap my mum’s ‘mothers day’ present and I’m considering some of the words my mother told me a few hours before. I have been single for nearly three years not loving or hating it but I’m very used to it. As I’ve written about it previously, I love wearing my old lady nighties to bed and not having to worry about shaving my legs! However more to the point my mum said that I should be more interested in dating as at the moment all I seem to care about is my career. This conversation came about as I was asked on a date from a guy I met online, which I then cancelled, re-scheduled, cancelled and then he tried to re-schedule, I said I was busy so I think he gave up. From the looks of it, that does look quite mean but I just couldn’t be bothered to travel one hour for a date! Then my mum asked me would I travel one hour for a business meeting and I didn’t even have to think about it, I knew I would because my businesses excite me, even my day job excites me but going on a date with someone I’m not even sure I like? That doesn’t excite me. So this makes me wonder, as young women in our mid to late twenties are we too wrapped up in our careers and future plans to even focus on dating and relationships? Are we so accustomed to being single, the effort needed to even go on a date is too much hassle? Or am I an outlier, are single women in the UK constantly going on dates and keen to enter a relationship? Don’t get me wrong I would love an amazing man to walk into my life but currently I know where my heart is and it belongs to my career!!