Saturday, 24 September 2016


Sorry this is a bit late!! (Then I forgot to upload it after writing it!!)

But here we go. 
10 days. 
10 blogs. 

What have I learnt here? 
Mainly that I am not living my true purpose but I already knew that. 

What I didn't know is that I already know what I want to do with my life and I am not as confused as I thought. 

The part I enjoyed the most was the writing if I'm really honest. I could actually do this every day this blogging thing. 

I hated writing about my true feelings though, hated it! I never talk to anyone about this sort of thing so being venerable is something I do not like to do. And unlikely will be doing it again any time soon in any of my blogs. I've kept the posts up there though as cringeworthy as they are because it's all about feeling the fear and doing it anyway! 

Another thing with the blog challenge is that I did not realise I could write so much everyday, it's a great way to be creative and release thoughts that are in your mind, to de-clutter and just release some stress. It has given me an insight into my freedom plan and what I need to do to get my butt into gear. 

I would like to thank everyone who has read these rants for the last two days as it's just been me rambling on about myself but some real content will be coming your way every week so stay tuned and I look forward to connecting with you! Peace out blog challenge, you've done me well!! 

Sunday, 18 September 2016

10 Day Blog Challenge Day 9: Location Independence

There’s only one place I love to go, where my heart is happy, my brain is happy:


Don’t ask me what, why, how, when I fell in love with this island but I did.

Imagining I was there now, I would be hanging out with some friends in the evening, getting ready for a night out. To see our favourite DJS.

In the morning we wake up to morning exercises on the beach and doing our positive affirmations, gratitude and meditation.

Then I’m creating: blog posts, V-logs, paintings, nutrition plans, wedding plans.
One day a week I’ve got myself  a gig as a dancer as it’s something I’ve always wanted to do.

 In the afternoons I usually skype with my Arbonne teams all over the world to help them with their business and their launches.

In the evening, its dinner with friends and watching the sunset, then if our fave DJ’s are on we go to see them.

This is such a short post but I can just imagine the bliss I would feel while I am there with people I love spending time with just being free and enjoying myself!

Saturday, 17 September 2016

10 Day Blog Challenge Day 8: Choosing Your Adventure

Well today’s challenge will not get done as I watched the video too late and wouldn’t have had time for fun adventures today and tomorrow I am back at work! #sadface.
So I am going to try my best to visualise myself having a fun day (ha!). I find it really difficult to find things ‘fun’ after two minutes the novelty wears off for me and activities usually become meaningless. I also get a bit of guilt if I am not doing anything productive (which I then procrastinate over!!) But I must add the ‘fun guilt’ is much more deeper than the ‘procrastination guilt’ which I somehow always justify. I just cannot justify having fun when I have so much work to do. Doesn’t feel right with me. Not sure why. It makes my life very difficult as when people ask me what I do for fun I draw a blank.
Sooo on that note, what was the last fun thing that I did? Most probably going Ibiza on my own. Oh yes actually Ibiza is my fun ‘safe place’, where I don’t carry the guilt and I indulge in the sun, sea, sand, sexy men (ha!) and music. I love it. Next year it is definitely on the cards before I bugger off in July to my new place for a few months.
This blog was difficult but it has given me the challenge of trying to have more fun in day to day life rather than once a year in Ibiza!
So here’s to having (trying to have) more fun (yay, eek)

Friday, 16 September 2016

10 Day Blog Challenge Day 7: Procrastination and Overwhelm

Can someone show me someone who is not very good at procrastination?
We might just be good at it in different ways.
I am good at it in all areas of my life. Especially with social media!
Do I have something to do?
Better get on FB or YouTube and look at something irrelevant!
Nothing to do...
Better go make myself productive.
Too productive...maybe I’ve taken on too much i.e. overwhelm! I
t’s like a vicious disaster circle.  Today I am going to be short and sweet because I know what I need to do to get on step in the right direction and what action I need to take.
Today’s challenge is about taking one imperfect action everyday to help get me closer to the life of freedom and away from my time wasting tasks.
Not waiting until everything is perfect.
Not waiting until I know everything I need to know.
Drum Roll Please...........
I am going to do my Facebook Videos, or work on them every day so I have content for my page and help with my Arbonne business as I got great feedback when I was consistent with them back in May.
Check out my FB page ( from Monday 18/09/16 to see the new content!!
I am ready for the freedom lifestyle!

10 day blog challenge. Day 6: Finding your tribe.

What sort of person am I?

I like to think I am ambitious, full of ideas, quite positive, love going to networking events and Ibiza (poles apart, right?), love anything to do with the law of attraction, health and crystals. Also a massive marvel fan, into everything Disney and a first generation Craig David fan.

You might be thinking what has this got to do with ANYTHING?

Well the problem I have with finding a tribe is that I rarely find people that are into what I am into.

Weird, right?

As I think I have such a wide range of interests it should be easy to find a (tribe) group of people that have some similar interests??

Well, no, it’s not and I’ll tell you why.

Because in order to meet the said people I have to be vibrating on the same frequency as them and I know that looking from previous results I am not. (But it’s something that I am working on).

This is really important not just for social reasons but also for career progression and ambition, as you only grow as far as the five people you surround yourself with the most. Look around you. Your five closest friends/acquaintances/family members that you spend majority of your time are likely to average out with the same income, same level of career progression, similar relationship/relationship history, go to the same places, likely to have the same goals and so forth. As the saying goes: Birds of a feather flock together!! So you need to be around people that inspire you and help you to grow as a person (advice to myself also) otherwise years and years will go by and everyone will still be in the same place.

So how can you grow with people that are technically on the same level as you? Technically you need another missing ingredient, people that are where you want to be. Now these people may also be in your tribe and therefore you might not need to go out looking for them. However, most if not all of us need to seek out the use of a mentor that has been through the trials and tribulations that we have or might go through in the future.

For myself Peter Sage would be the perfect business mentor as he is what I feel is a serial entrepreneur, self-made millionaire, has a wealth of knowledge about the health and wellness industry, does motivational speaking events, is trained by Tony Robbins, from the UK (although he now lives in Dubai) and I could go on. Everything that he does really resonates with me and what my future goals are and from listening to many of his audios he knows how to inspire through educating without bias or being too OTT.

What would I ask Peter Sage if I met him today?

The funniest thing is that I have already met him. The first time I was volunteering at a top seminar in London he helped to organise and fund, he gave us a ton of his free audios and personal development books. However, I did not know what I know now and didn’t take the opportunity while it was there!! So given another chance I would ask him:

·         ‘How did you get over the feeling of having to be certain about everything before he took risks or made decisions?’

·         ‘Do you feel that the world of entrepreneurship is different for women and different ethnic groups?’ (As he is Caucasian and male)

·         ‘What are your 3 top tips for someone under 30 starting out their business?’

·         ‘How can you use the internet/social media to create great business success?’

·         ‘What are the first steps in becoming a motivational speaker?’

·         ‘Who inspires you daily?’

I could go on and on in a whole interview with Peter Sage but I would love for him to be my business mentor, it would be like a dream come true!!

Thursday, 15 September 2016

10 Day Blog Challenge Day 5: Setting Myself Up For Success!

This is going to be very short.




So I need a plan in order to help me with my path to success. However I work in a very inflexible job so being able to plan things on my work days is sometimes near impossible but I always do my reading every day. On my days off however, my running, vlogs, blogging and Arbonne business should be a priority but I usually get roped into all sorts of things which makes me fall behind and I always feel like I am playing catch-up. So from now on I am going to hold myself accountable to my goals and do what I said I was going to do even if I don’t feel like it. My success plan on my days off is to allocate times for my Arbonne business, run (even if its just 5k), prepare my Vlogs (which I haven’t done for months) and start on my nutrition plans/finish my coursework and studies. I also need to focus on building up my vision board and meditate more. I will start my morning routines with being more grateful when I wake up and positive affirmations about myself. But with my perfect day not too far in the future I know I will shortly on the road to success!!

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 5

10 Day Blog Challenge Day 4: Superpowers!!

What am I good at???
Like everything!
Every. Single. Thing. I try to do.
Ok I lied!!!
I'm not good at everything (or much) because the other day I tried to apply make-up on a face that wasn’t my own and that did not work out well at ALL.
Anyway this blog is dedicated to what makes me special or SUPER as the title suggests. (Apparently, being humble is meant to go out the window for this one so I will let my ego take the wheel for a really hot minute!!)

Firstly I am an excellent reader (lol), I read anything, anytime, anywhere. I've been reading since I was 3 so that's 24 years practice. I was so good at reading that by the time I actually got to school my reading age was 3 years ahead and by the time I was 8, I was actually reading books for 11/12 year olds. In secondary school (as a typical class clown) I was always sent out of English with the current reading material, however by the time the class was over I was always way ahead in the book and in one reading occasion I had started the fourth book in the season whilst the class were finishing up the first. So I don’t know if this is by default, I am also good at writing and maths. So in school I basically done my maths and English GCSE without revision (but for that reason I got B in both eek). Those are my top three skills if I am honest. Sorry for the massive BRAG session but it did feel kinda GOOD ahaha.

The aim of todays challenge is to see how we can put our skills (superpowers) to good use by either:

·         Creating a life of freedom from it

·         Helping others

So in terms of myself, being good and loving to read makes me a magnet for learning and I am always studying something even if it is just for myself (once I read a book about dogs in the library!) I love to read and study and learn, but I am not a fan of teaching in a way that people teach in school and uni etc. In terms of how to help others with this skill I feel that I can use the knowledge I have gained from my degree, my wedding planning qualification and nutrition qualifications to help coach others and teach them how to apply themselves to better their own lives.

With writing, I can get to doing what I am doing now which is blogging or writing content for my social media or my Vlogs. I don’t love to write/type things up but I love to create written form of what is being created in my head. As I can do this very quickly, word after word can just flow to me and something short like a blog will not give me writers block but I am yet to try and write a novel!! With my blog posts I plan to incorporate what I have said above and hope to inspire and motivate people (especially young women).

With maths I only plan to use that to work out money (LOL) but I am also good at solving problems which is something my dad said to me. If it’s a logical or solution that is very factual and numerical based I am your (wo)MAN! I guess this all relates to above, helping people and creating solutions!

I have enjoyed writing this post the most so far as it has allowed me to look at myself in a more positive light. If anything it is a little big egotistical but now and then the ego has to step in and get the self confidence back on track. I realised that I am good at a lot of things but everything that I am good at, all interlinks with each other and connects together nicely to help me on my path to becoming the amazing entrepreneur I deserve to be!

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

10 Day Blog Challenge Day 3: Perfect Day

So today’s challenge is about creating the perfect day to help with visualisation and creating a goal for the perfect life. Being naturally left brained (i.e. logical) rather than creative, more right brained, has caused me much of an issue in recent years with visualisation as I find it difficult to imagine things and be creative in my mind. I can easily come up with logical ideas but imaginative ideas are lost on me completely ha!! I used to be very imaginative as a child but as you get older you realise that type of thought is frowned upon by others who have no imagination and I feel like I have lost the skill to imagine and visualise as a result.

BUT if I was to have a perfect day it would most probably look something like this:

·         Wake up at 9am

·         Shower

·         Go back to bed

·         Sleep

·         Eat

·         Go back to sleep

ONLY JOKING!! HAHA (even though I love sleep)

So I am going to take you step by step my perfect day if I was in full alignment with what I wanted to do with my life:

·         Wake up at 7 (I hate early mornings so 7 is a good time to get things done)

·         Affirmations, gratitude list, review my goals, check my vision video

·         Morning protein shake

·         Go for a run or hit the gym/swimming. Ballet lesson or yoga.

·         Get ready, have breakfast, daily reading

·         9am: Get started on my day. Firstly see my clients on my running programme

·         Then appointments with my nutrition clients

·         Creating blog posts/content for vlog. Planning

·         Lunch: I love love food so on a perfect day I would be eating the tastiest nutritious food EVER

·         Appointments for my wedding clients  or Arbonne business

·         Dinner

·         Main Arbonne business clients appointments/workshops

·         Evening time: likely to eat again!! Haha Trampolining session on the days that it is on

·         Meditation or relaxation with binaural beats, candles and incense (or reading)

·         11pm: Time for bed

I just realised how busy my perfect day is and I am not sure how everything will fit but this is what my future looks like to me. I like to be busy, I find it hard to just sit and do nothing. I would love to be an entrepreneur, inspiring people (especially women) to be their best selves. Some of the stuff on that list are just ideas like my running club but I am sure I will get to this stage of running it properly as I feel it will be very successful. This day 3 challenge has got me excited now!! I’ve tried this perfect day thing before and it wasn’t so detailed but it was about the same! Love the fact I can go running or workout in the morning, that just sets your day up so right I cannot wait until this becomes a reality <3

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

10 Day Blog challenge: Day 2: Discovering my WHY

This is even HARDER than Day 1!! (Short one today)

What is my why? My purpose? Why do I get up in the morning?

To be totally honest I am not really sure.
Just living day to day at the moment.
Its a bit sad and I know I need a purpose but I am looking forward to someday not having to work. But not sure what I want to do forever. To be honest I see myself having adventures and doing lots of different things. I have decided to go to another country next year and see what that brings. I find writing so easy and I do quite enjoy it so I could be a writer and I actually like making videos on social media. My next best thing to do is run long distances, it helps clear my mind and I come up with my best ideas. I guess using those three skills helping people to develop themselves would be something that I would love to do when I found freedom. I am sure however when I start taking more of these daily actions that I have been taking this week I will stumble across my purpose somehow. I am excited for the future even though I am not totally sure which road I would like to take, I just know it wont be in a job but be for myself making my own dreams come true. Ideally I need to start dreaming and visualising about the future and where I want to be to give me more motivation for those days when I feel like staying in bed.

But we stay positive regardless.
Feels so crazy writing all this real stuff and getting it in the open but I guess this is what this challenge is about and I am anticipating what tomorrows challenge brings!


Monday, 12 September 2016

10 Day Blog Challenge Day 1: Whats holding me back?

So today’s post is very open, raw and vulnerable as I am currently taking part in a 10 day blog challenge and this is the first blog of the challenge.
So Lets Go....
 My life currently consists of work, work and feeling tired from work.

I can’t lie I use my job as an excuse as valid as it might be, still an excuse of why I am not currently where I want or meant to be. Also it has thrown me out of alignment massively as it is not what I want to do but the money is not too bad, actually my highest paying job so far. Yet I am grateful to the company I work for as the people are amazing and I’ve had some really great experiences with them. But the pull between leaving my job and wanting-to-do-my-own-thing-but-not-knowing-what-I-really-want-to-do AND then being scared of not having an income has thrown me into a mental despair.

So most days I just feel sorry for myself and this is excuse number two holding me back from where I want to be. Its forever woe is me, people will never/don’t understand etc, etc. At some point I just need to get over myself and get on with it. However not all of this is pity, there are some things that maybe if I spoke about or helped others understand could actually help inspire and maybe pull other people out of their woes. Lastly I lack motivation and inspiration to move forward in life as I don’t have a real passion for anything, I currently live to pay my bills. Sad as it seems that’s my life right now and when my bills are paid I don’t know what I am going to spend my money on!! Haha. Currently to get out of this rut, I am looking to leave the country within the next twelve months and go on an adventure somewhere else which has got me excited. And although I’ve been feeling this way for the last few months just no life in me, plodding along, dragging myself out of bed  (I am NOT depressed btw for all you psychologists lol), I have started reading a really exciting book that is about taking action before you even have a passion, before you even have a real reason to get out of bed as life is about doing the things you love even if you are unsure of your destination.

As what happens is along the way as you are more in alignment your purpose will come to you. So I am taking action in various aspects of my life at the moment (including this blog challenge!) I rarely talk about how I feel (personally) in any of my posts so this is very cringe worthy but I hope someone somewhere got something out of it and I look forward to the other challenges!!

Friday, 9 September 2016

Wrong Journey? Wrong Destination? Where am I now?

So just pretend you’re driving down a long road. Sat-Nav keyed in, music playing, your favourite snacks are flowing. The road is smooth even though you hit a few speed bumps, road closures, a few obstacles, traffic jams and so forth. You're a bit tired but you’re enjoying the journey. Finally, you reach your destination.
Let’s go!
It’s been a long ride but you are finally here.
You have arrived.
And it’s just now you thought: Nice, lovely, comforting...BUT something is just not right. You look at the long road behind you and check the path you have taken.
Then it hits you.
You’re in the wrong place.
Taken a wrong turn.
Put the wrong destination in the Sat Nav.
You look around thinking like what the actual h**l?
All of that hard work and toil, for what?
Can’t be for nothing, right?
You think of the lessons learnt along the way and wonder how they will help you get on the right road. Everything you have done before just feels like a waste.
Do you feel like this is a representation of your life so far? Worked so hard or even just strolled down a path that zoomed straight into an uncomfortable comfort zone? You might be at the top of your game, earning big bucks, be happy satisfied but...BUT, there’s a feeling of misplacement. Misunderstanding yourself. Your own wants and needs. Looking at the journey and not wanting to throw away all the hard work away but the road ahead is not where you are looking to go.

Life is a funny thing!
We don’t realise what we are scared of until we have to go to these cross roads.

We never ask ourselves the most important questions:
©      What do I want from life?
©       What gifts and talents do I have to offer in this lifetime?
©      What have I been put on this earth to do?
©      What is my mission?

It is only when we start to ask these questions then we realise that there is a ‘BUT’. However when we are living in our purpose there is no ‘but’. Obstacles are an inevitable factor in life but we should still feel like we are flowing with the universe. Being in flow as a check it constantly keeps us seeking those things that keep or help us get into alignment and keeps us true to ourselves.
So is it time to get back into the car?
Time for a new destination?
New experiences. New adventures. New feelings. New present for a new future. With all the new obstacles, road blocks and speed bumps.
Sometimes after all our hard work we realise that we have the ladder up against the wrong wall. Sometimes it can be a nightmare to find the courage to even come down from the ladder but your soul/spirit knows what is right for you ALWAYS. Your spirit is working with the universe to get you into alignment. However, I must add we must not forget these diversions after you have found a new destination as you will still get tested to see if its what you really want.
So Live. Breathe. Be the best. IF that’s what you want to be. Re-tune the Sat-Nav.
Don’t fear the journey. Fear the ‘BUT’. Don’t allow other people’s fears and opinions to stop you. Don’t Live in Dogma. Don’t let someone else give you their interpretation of your life road map. Follow your heart and let the universe guide you. That is where you will find peach and bring you back to you!!