Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Single woman syndrome

Yesterday I was just getting into my pyjamas and having a think that us single girls r just as complacent and women in a relationship, we all suffer from a bit of what I call single women syndrome. Side note: this article is not one of seriousness so unbutton your uprightness n be easy. I am going to use myself as prime example of this, because I feel that I am in a very comfortable cycle therefore if a man came long I could possibly be at a loss as it would change my whole lifestyle. First I would have to get sexy. Like no more curlers, headscarfs, face creams at night, because to be fair, that can look scary even in the mirror let alone to anyone else. Also I sleep in like tons of clothing, pjs, dressing gown, I look like a pink mummy, the man would leave before he's even arrived. Another thing is comfort like although they say women let themselves go in relationships, single girls do as well cos they ain't got no1 to get hot for we just stay lukewarm and hope 4 the best. I.e getting into shape, eyebrows, bikini line (I'm not going to get into it but you know what I mean). I just had a convos with one of my girlfriends and it's fair to say we resemble something out of planet of he apes more so when we're single. Next I would have to make time. I find I have very little free time and I can be a culprit of saying 'I don't have time for a man' but like if Beyonce's got time then I guess we all do.  Another problem is phone convos, when I finish work late, tired want my bed and a nice hot ovaltine, the last thing I want is a man giving me sexy talk down the phone line when all I want to do is sleep. I think I'm better off dating myself cos I'm heading off to a lonely road of nine dogs (i don't like cats) and a rocking chair. The way we get conditioned into this 'miss independent' lifestyle get used to it and enjoy it so much, then complain we haven't got a man, don't make sense. If it ain't broke don't fix it, but single ladies if u want a man u got to change it. 

Thursday, 5 July 2012

I love my hair

Hello ladies, even gents J I would just like to raise an issue that is talked about a lot in society especially within black women, that issue/topic is hair. I think hair is lovely, we can do all sorts of things to it, put more on, take some off, add colour, curls, straighten and so forth. However, when does it come to a point that your hair is so different than how you started, you don’t even know what you look like anymore? This article is going to address the over-use of weave in modern day society and try to figure out why so many people (women) hide their beauty under a head of Brazilian/Columbian/Indian/Peruvian hair. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen some lovely weaves and hair styles but let’s not over do it. Recently I had a 14inch curly looking weave thing going on, everyone was like ‘oh you look so nice’, and yes the hair did look good but it was frustrating me. Why? Because 1) when I looked in the mirror, it didn’t really look like me. 2) I missed my hair, the look feel touch, everything about it. So it makes me wonder when women have weave after weave after weave with no break, if they are bald or what’s really going on. I’ve heard that Brazilian hair is about £75 pound a packet and if you buy two that’s about £150 quid, then hairdressers, that’s £200 pound to wear someone else’s hair to look like someone else. Clearly this is an issue that needs to be addressed. 1st I’m going to put it out there: Ladies you are beautiful, don’t let no magazine fool you, no man or whoever tell you otherwise. Weave in or not, this will not change. However, some people are using this hair as a tool to boost self-confidence, therefore never truly being confident to themselves. Fair dos, you see Beyonce with her wigs, weaves, whatever, but chances are when she gets off stage whatever, she takes that shit off and gives her head and neck a break from that heavy load she’s carrying up there. I am not saying wearing weaves is a bad thing because it’s nice to change the look sometimes different styles, maybe you want your hair to grow, so many reasons. But when you become dependent on having someone else’s hair on your head, it’s time to check the inner self and inner love. For example, if I said to you there will never be any weave in production after today, what would you do? Some women would possibly be on the verge on suicide. So come on ladies, especially black ladies, show the world how beautiful you are without a weave, hair straightened or not. Don’t let your hair and other images in society define you. Also I would like to add, men, especially black men, stop contradicting yourself! I see and hear so many men saying they don’t like weave, perm, bla bla bla. Yet! They only date or say they only date women with long/straight/non-afro hair. Men, get it together! Now I’m not telling the ladies to let themselves go and be having a jungle of whatever on their head-top, I’m just saying you don’t need a weave to be beautiful and it’s nice to see women with their own hair and men should appreciate women more as they naturally are rather than whatever the media has conjured up for them. (I am living proof of this, as when I have my natural hair, black men don’t really want to know, most times, as soon as I get that 12inch (whatever name brand) weave sewn it, it’s like my name is man magnet dot com.). So ladies, to conclude, I’m not saying to ditch the weave but love your hair & know your beautiful no matter what J