Thursday, 3 November 2011

People Say Im Not Black Enough...

...'Cos I dont talk the talk
or walk the walk
People say I'm not Black enough cos of the food I eat,
the context in which I speak
Sometimes people say I'm not Black
cos of my music preferences
the friends I chose, the places I reference,
the type of men I admire
& the life I desire.
But wait....
Does anyone actually know what its like to be 'black'?
Does anyone actually know what its like to be 'human'?
Many people decide to live up to the stereotype
but sorry I cant take that negitivity in my life
I enjoy being me,
A young Black woman destined to be
more than what society
has got planned for me
My ancestors were not whipped and stripped of their freedom for life
So that Black people could be labelled and stereotyped
Next time someone says to me
'Your not black enough'
Ill ask:
How am I meant to be?

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