Thursday, 13 October 2016

How healthy are WE really?

Well not YOU per se but us as a nation with this new health epidemic why are we all not uber healthy and reaching our weight and fitness goals?

Personally I guess I'm ‘lucky’ as I cant eat cheese, don’t drink or do drugs, cant stomach red meat, don’t like fizzies and not too fond of chocolate. So does this predispose me to a healthier way of life. I guess so in some ways however I am also predisposed to the fish and chips that tony sells in Wandsworth (its the best), I don’t like lentils and bean things, or those smoothie bowls (that every healthy person seems to post on insta, I cannot even stand to look at them lol), also I can’t juice as I have fruit allergies! So really what can I eat???! (Cakes? Yes, please, ok not cakes they don’t really hold nutritional values to eat them for every meal)

As someone who is currently studying a range of different nutrition topics and sells vegan, botanical nutrition products, I do make sure I live a fairly healthy lifestyle as it is one of my highest values however it is all about being transparent and realistic. If I said to you I never get cravings and never even think about chicken nuggets (even though I also think they are a bit gross so that stops me from eating them) but I do feel we need a bit of realism up in here. Someone who is a junk food junky will not become a healthy so and so overnight. Everything is contextual.

What about people who cannot afford to eat healthy? I won’t lie it costs a little bit when I make healthier food but my priority is to invest into my health and my body so I don’t mind spending the money. However, there are always other options than fast food. Buying frozen veg is one example whereby a family can be more cost effective in their goal to become more health orientated. Planning is another way to save money, trying to eat healthy on the go not only can be a nightmare but very costly!! But if you plan at home and always travel with food and snacks them you will be saving those pounds in the pocket!! Another money saver is not to overload yourself with information, find your health inspiration and stick with that to get you going!

So what is best for YOU? We all know how bad processed foods are so we’re not going to even go there! But...Do you feel gluten doesn’t work for you, how about meat, what about dairy? What is your vice? Do you over-indulge? Then feel guilty? What are your patterns? Bad habits? What healthy food do you actually like to eat? Where can you start? What are your health goals and concerns? (For yourself, not for others)

These are all small questions that we can ask ourselves as we embark on our health journey. Look at your OWN goals as everyone is different. We need to remember that sickness could be a sign that our input/output may be out of balance and we need to refocus on what’s most important. Let food be thy medicine as without health we have nothing.

If you are struggling and do not know where to get started or just need someone to talk to on your health journey feel free to drop me an email:

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