Monday, 2 April 2012


Its busy out there,
My confidence is low,
I'm going in the crowds,
But don't know where to go,
Looking around, I can't see
Can't find my way,
Hard to breathe,
Close my eyes,
Can't stand still,
People around me,
Yet can't feel,
Dead of the emotions,
Don't feel them inside,
But I feel my beauty,
So I show them pride,
I have the knowlegde,
But prefer them not to know,
They say its what's inside that counts,
But we all know it isn't so,
To be ugly, untrattive, disgusting or otherwise,
You won't be a winner,
No matter how hard you try,
Speaking as a lady I see it everyday,
Pretty girls always get the way,
Every thing I do I always pray,
That I will stay beautiful
Even if everything else is taken away.
I can be comfortable,
Open my eyes,
People stare in awe,
Having the time of my life,
Call it materialistic,
Whatever it maybe,
Everyone knows its truth,
Although they pretend not see,
To be without beauty,
Can seem to be without life,
People may say that I'm wrong,
But society will prove me right.

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