Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Single woman syndrome

Yesterday I was just getting into my pyjamas and having a think that us single girls r just as complacent and women in a relationship, we all suffer from a bit of what I call single women syndrome. Side note: this article is not one of seriousness so unbutton your uprightness n be easy. I am going to use myself as prime example of this, because I feel that I am in a very comfortable cycle therefore if a man came long I could possibly be at a loss as it would change my whole lifestyle. First I would have to get sexy. Like no more curlers, headscarfs, face creams at night, because to be fair, that can look scary even in the mirror let alone to anyone else. Also I sleep in like tons of clothing, pjs, dressing gown, I look like a pink mummy, the man would leave before he's even arrived. Another thing is comfort like although they say women let themselves go in relationships, single girls do as well cos they ain't got no1 to get hot for we just stay lukewarm and hope 4 the best. I.e getting into shape, eyebrows, bikini line (I'm not going to get into it but you know what I mean). I just had a convos with one of my girlfriends and it's fair to say we resemble something out of planet of he apes more so when we're single. Next I would have to make time. I find I have very little free time and I can be a culprit of saying 'I don't have time for a man' but like if Beyonce's got time then I guess we all do.  Another problem is phone convos, when I finish work late, tired want my bed and a nice hot ovaltine, the last thing I want is a man giving me sexy talk down the phone line when all I want to do is sleep. I think I'm better off dating myself cos I'm heading off to a lonely road of nine dogs (i don't like cats) and a rocking chair. The way we get conditioned into this 'miss independent' lifestyle get used to it and enjoy it so much, then complain we haven't got a man, don't make sense. If it ain't broke don't fix it, but single ladies if u want a man u got to change it. 

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  1. You wouldn't have any of those issues with me