Friday, 11 July 2014

Independent ladies?

Hi, so it's me again, still single you know how it goes, well now here's something new just moved half way across the country and moved into my own house, broke the bank a bit (must save more) but you know thought I'd take a note from destiny's child 'the house I live in, I rent it' and all of that jazz. However as much as bey, kel and mich wanna talk about buying the shoes on their feet etc they did not tell you about the bedroom furniture or the estate agents ordering the cooker too late so your having to live off random cupboard food and the odd mcds if your in a hurry, which may I add isn't the best diet for someone who is looking to start training for tough mudder (a mega hard obstacle course) anyway my wardrobe (and bed) arrived today and the delivery man was a bit old so I felt bad asking him to take it up the stairs so when he left I guess I thought I would channel my inner hulk and attempt it myself! Eek managed to get one box and major back pain :( I had to lift each piece up the stairs and felt like I had done tough mudder already! The bed frame was easier, but a king-size matress up a very narrow stairwell? Nearly broke my back, then to make matters worse the wardrobe needs a new back panel and the bed & matress needs sending back :/ the point I'm trying to make here ladies is that if I had some sort of male around the house I would be back pain free and saved myself about 6hours putting all the fittings in my yet-to-essemble wardrobe! I think it's all good us being independent and I love beyonce as much as the next person but the next time she's singing all the single ladies think twice about whether or not he's putting a ring on it because at least she's got jay-z to put her wardrobes up! 

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