Friday, 28 March 2014

To date or not to date....

Ok, so I am up at silly o’clock getting ready for bed, about to wrap my mum’s ‘mothers day’ present and I’m considering some of the words my mother told me a few hours before. I have been single for nearly three years not loving or hating it but I’m very used to it. As I’ve written about it previously, I love wearing my old lady nighties to bed and not having to worry about shaving my legs! However more to the point my mum said that I should be more interested in dating as at the moment all I seem to care about is my career. This conversation came about as I was asked on a date from a guy I met online, which I then cancelled, re-scheduled, cancelled and then he tried to re-schedule, I said I was busy so I think he gave up. From the looks of it, that does look quite mean but I just couldn’t be bothered to travel one hour for a date! Then my mum asked me would I travel one hour for a business meeting and I didn’t even have to think about it, I knew I would because my businesses excite me, even my day job excites me but going on a date with someone I’m not even sure I like? That doesn’t excite me. So this makes me wonder, as young women in our mid to late twenties are we too wrapped up in our careers and future plans to even focus on dating and relationships? Are we so accustomed to being single, the effort needed to even go on a date is too much hassle? Or am I an outlier, are single women in the UK constantly going on dates and keen to enter a relationship? Don’t get me wrong I would love an amazing man to walk into my life but currently I know where my heart is and it belongs to my career!!

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