Monday, 27 October 2014

Is Thin-shaming just as bad as Fat-shaming??

Everywhere you look on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook someone is posting a picture how men love women with curves and that skinny women should eat cheese burgers etc. Which in jest is all fine and dandy. However on the other hand if someone started a campaign on all men hate curves and fat women should back away every time they saw McDonalds, the viewpoint changes. I would like to make it clear that being either overweight or underweight isn’t healthy however there is very little if any understanding to how people get into these conditions in the first place. There the argument that the media allow such images to portray a more slender body type as acceptable in modern day society but as someone who has always been quite slim (even more so as I get older),  it is NOT acceptable unless you are on the front cover of hello or ok magazine.  I say I eat a fairly ‘healthy’ diet with an even healthier body image, however, due to genetics or the way my body is programmed, the foods I eat that I kinda stay in the size 6-10/skinny-to-slim/ low-but-not-underweight-bmi –range. It could be a range of reasons. But sometimes I get the feeling it is like ‘how dare you be so tall and slim’ and it’s not like I can really put the attitude back as ‘how dare you be so fat’ as that is seemed rude and disrespectful. But turn that attitude around; I see pictures on twitter and Instagram of women degrading other women because of the lack of ‘curves’ or womanly body parts. Which in some cases has definitely lead to the rise in breast and bum implants. I understand fat-shamming is also an issue but that’s another discussion for a different day. Anyway the point I am trying to make here is that women should not slander each other no matter what the size or shape. All women need to spend a day watching the dove commercials and love the skin they are IN before they can start throwing stones (or bones as per the memes).

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