Saturday, 8 November 2014


Cat lady?

Crazy cat lady? 

Does having a cat mean a world of singledom and loneliness?

What about 2,3,4,5,6 cats?

Are us single female cat owners doomed for eternity?

Don't men like cats?

Did you guys see the cat in beyonces single ladies video?

Look closer!

Soo I've got myself the best little black cat in the world and I was told im enroute to being a cat lady Orr a cat is my psychological replacement for a boyfriend?? Eeeek Then my cat goes missing for a week and I nearly have a breakdown (parents I take my hat off to ya). But all I know single or not having a pet has taught me compassion and how to care for something other than myself. I love being followed around the house by a living being who other than pouring out the food can look after itself and apart from breaking my certificate frame doesn't stress me out I actually love my cat so I really want another one, does this mean im enroure to being a crazy cat lady? Well im already crazy so who knows?

Watch this space!

Cat Ladies United!! 

Picture credit from 'not right in the head' group on facebook

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