Thursday, 11 October 2012

Anti-psychiatry movement

I do believe that sometimes society manifests this world of mental illness and locks people in their own mind. Those who are schizophrenic are dreamers like you and me but someone told them they were unrealistic and not to believe. They created their own world in order to escape, it lasted for a while, then destroyed them causing danger and chaos. If you are gay, you have rights, black/white/asian/hispanic, whatever race you have rights, animals have rights but if you have mental illness, in society it's not right, they forget you are a human, with rights. Times have changed from straight jackets and electrolysis, now the physical is separated from the mental, the emotional, yet they haven't realised that drugs only help the physical, there's little that will help the mental and emotional. Money is all around, some are too blind to see the fortunes laying in front of them, so while some of e rich help some of the poor, they are unaware that there are some who need more. Need care attention love life freedom choices, many are locked up and forced to believe that mental illness is permenant, when we all know its like a flu, a cold, no cure but you can always get better. Open your mind and look around dont underestimate those people around you, be aware of how mental illness is swept under the carpet, help if you can, understand it if you cannot.

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