Friday, 9 September 2016

Wrong Journey? Wrong Destination? Where am I now?

So just pretend you’re driving down a long road. Sat-Nav keyed in, music playing, your favourite snacks are flowing. The road is smooth even though you hit a few speed bumps, road closures, a few obstacles, traffic jams and so forth. You're a bit tired but you’re enjoying the journey. Finally, you reach your destination.
Let’s go!
It’s been a long ride but you are finally here.
You have arrived.
And it’s just now you thought: Nice, lovely, comforting...BUT something is just not right. You look at the long road behind you and check the path you have taken.
Then it hits you.
You’re in the wrong place.
Taken a wrong turn.
Put the wrong destination in the Sat Nav.
You look around thinking like what the actual h**l?
All of that hard work and toil, for what?
Can’t be for nothing, right?
You think of the lessons learnt along the way and wonder how they will help you get on the right road. Everything you have done before just feels like a waste.
Do you feel like this is a representation of your life so far? Worked so hard or even just strolled down a path that zoomed straight into an uncomfortable comfort zone? You might be at the top of your game, earning big bucks, be happy satisfied but...BUT, there’s a feeling of misplacement. Misunderstanding yourself. Your own wants and needs. Looking at the journey and not wanting to throw away all the hard work away but the road ahead is not where you are looking to go.

Life is a funny thing!
We don’t realise what we are scared of until we have to go to these cross roads.

We never ask ourselves the most important questions:
©      What do I want from life?
©       What gifts and talents do I have to offer in this lifetime?
©      What have I been put on this earth to do?
©      What is my mission?

It is only when we start to ask these questions then we realise that there is a ‘BUT’. However when we are living in our purpose there is no ‘but’. Obstacles are an inevitable factor in life but we should still feel like we are flowing with the universe. Being in flow as a check it constantly keeps us seeking those things that keep or help us get into alignment and keeps us true to ourselves.
So is it time to get back into the car?
Time for a new destination?
New experiences. New adventures. New feelings. New present for a new future. With all the new obstacles, road blocks and speed bumps.
Sometimes after all our hard work we realise that we have the ladder up against the wrong wall. Sometimes it can be a nightmare to find the courage to even come down from the ladder but your soul/spirit knows what is right for you ALWAYS. Your spirit is working with the universe to get you into alignment. However, I must add we must not forget these diversions after you have found a new destination as you will still get tested to see if its what you really want.
So Live. Breathe. Be the best. IF that’s what you want to be. Re-tune the Sat-Nav.
Don’t fear the journey. Fear the ‘BUT’. Don’t allow other people’s fears and opinions to stop you. Don’t Live in Dogma. Don’t let someone else give you their interpretation of your life road map. Follow your heart and let the universe guide you. That is where you will find peach and bring you back to you!!


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