Tuesday, 13 September 2016

10 Day Blog challenge: Day 2: Discovering my WHY

This is even HARDER than Day 1!! (Short one today)

What is my why? My purpose? Why do I get up in the morning?

To be totally honest I am not really sure.
Just living day to day at the moment.
Its a bit sad and I know I need a purpose but I am looking forward to someday not having to work. But not sure what I want to do forever. To be honest I see myself having adventures and doing lots of different things. I have decided to go to another country next year and see what that brings. I find writing so easy and I do quite enjoy it so I could be a writer and I actually like making videos on social media. My next best thing to do is run long distances, it helps clear my mind and I come up with my best ideas. I guess using those three skills helping people to develop themselves would be something that I would love to do when I found freedom. I am sure however when I start taking more of these daily actions that I have been taking this week I will stumble across my purpose somehow. I am excited for the future even though I am not totally sure which road I would like to take, I just know it wont be in a job but be for myself making my own dreams come true. Ideally I need to start dreaming and visualising about the future and where I want to be to give me more motivation for those days when I feel like staying in bed.

But we stay positive regardless.
Feels so crazy writing all this real stuff and getting it in the open but I guess this is what this challenge is about and I am anticipating what tomorrows challenge brings!


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