Saturday, 17 September 2016

10 Day Blog Challenge Day 8: Choosing Your Adventure

Well today’s challenge will not get done as I watched the video too late and wouldn’t have had time for fun adventures today and tomorrow I am back at work! #sadface.
So I am going to try my best to visualise myself having a fun day (ha!). I find it really difficult to find things ‘fun’ after two minutes the novelty wears off for me and activities usually become meaningless. I also get a bit of guilt if I am not doing anything productive (which I then procrastinate over!!) But I must add the ‘fun guilt’ is much more deeper than the ‘procrastination guilt’ which I somehow always justify. I just cannot justify having fun when I have so much work to do. Doesn’t feel right with me. Not sure why. It makes my life very difficult as when people ask me what I do for fun I draw a blank.
Sooo on that note, what was the last fun thing that I did? Most probably going Ibiza on my own. Oh yes actually Ibiza is my fun ‘safe place’, where I don’t carry the guilt and I indulge in the sun, sea, sand, sexy men (ha!) and music. I love it. Next year it is definitely on the cards before I bugger off in July to my new place for a few months.
This blog was difficult but it has given me the challenge of trying to have more fun in day to day life rather than once a year in Ibiza!
So here’s to having (trying to have) more fun (yay, eek)

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