Sunday, 18 September 2016

10 Day Blog Challenge Day 9: Location Independence

There’s only one place I love to go, where my heart is happy, my brain is happy:


Don’t ask me what, why, how, when I fell in love with this island but I did.

Imagining I was there now, I would be hanging out with some friends in the evening, getting ready for a night out. To see our favourite DJS.

In the morning we wake up to morning exercises on the beach and doing our positive affirmations, gratitude and meditation.

Then I’m creating: blog posts, V-logs, paintings, nutrition plans, wedding plans.
One day a week I’ve got myself  a gig as a dancer as it’s something I’ve always wanted to do.

 In the afternoons I usually skype with my Arbonne teams all over the world to help them with their business and their launches.

In the evening, its dinner with friends and watching the sunset, then if our fave DJ’s are on we go to see them.

This is such a short post but I can just imagine the bliss I would feel while I am there with people I love spending time with just being free and enjoying myself!

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