Wednesday, 14 September 2016

10 Day Blog Challenge Day 3: Perfect Day

So today’s challenge is about creating the perfect day to help with visualisation and creating a goal for the perfect life. Being naturally left brained (i.e. logical) rather than creative, more right brained, has caused me much of an issue in recent years with visualisation as I find it difficult to imagine things and be creative in my mind. I can easily come up with logical ideas but imaginative ideas are lost on me completely ha!! I used to be very imaginative as a child but as you get older you realise that type of thought is frowned upon by others who have no imagination and I feel like I have lost the skill to imagine and visualise as a result.

BUT if I was to have a perfect day it would most probably look something like this:

·         Wake up at 9am

·         Shower

·         Go back to bed

·         Sleep

·         Eat

·         Go back to sleep

ONLY JOKING!! HAHA (even though I love sleep)

So I am going to take you step by step my perfect day if I was in full alignment with what I wanted to do with my life:

·         Wake up at 7 (I hate early mornings so 7 is a good time to get things done)

·         Affirmations, gratitude list, review my goals, check my vision video

·         Morning protein shake

·         Go for a run or hit the gym/swimming. Ballet lesson or yoga.

·         Get ready, have breakfast, daily reading

·         9am: Get started on my day. Firstly see my clients on my running programme

·         Then appointments with my nutrition clients

·         Creating blog posts/content for vlog. Planning

·         Lunch: I love love food so on a perfect day I would be eating the tastiest nutritious food EVER

·         Appointments for my wedding clients  or Arbonne business

·         Dinner

·         Main Arbonne business clients appointments/workshops

·         Evening time: likely to eat again!! Haha Trampolining session on the days that it is on

·         Meditation or relaxation with binaural beats, candles and incense (or reading)

·         11pm: Time for bed

I just realised how busy my perfect day is and I am not sure how everything will fit but this is what my future looks like to me. I like to be busy, I find it hard to just sit and do nothing. I would love to be an entrepreneur, inspiring people (especially women) to be their best selves. Some of the stuff on that list are just ideas like my running club but I am sure I will get to this stage of running it properly as I feel it will be very successful. This day 3 challenge has got me excited now!! I’ve tried this perfect day thing before and it wasn’t so detailed but it was about the same! Love the fact I can go running or workout in the morning, that just sets your day up so right I cannot wait until this becomes a reality <3

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