Thursday, 15 September 2016

10 Day Blog Challenge Day 4: Superpowers!!

What am I good at???
Like everything!
Every. Single. Thing. I try to do.
Ok I lied!!!
I'm not good at everything (or much) because the other day I tried to apply make-up on a face that wasn’t my own and that did not work out well at ALL.
Anyway this blog is dedicated to what makes me special or SUPER as the title suggests. (Apparently, being humble is meant to go out the window for this one so I will let my ego take the wheel for a really hot minute!!)

Firstly I am an excellent reader (lol), I read anything, anytime, anywhere. I've been reading since I was 3 so that's 24 years practice. I was so good at reading that by the time I actually got to school my reading age was 3 years ahead and by the time I was 8, I was actually reading books for 11/12 year olds. In secondary school (as a typical class clown) I was always sent out of English with the current reading material, however by the time the class was over I was always way ahead in the book and in one reading occasion I had started the fourth book in the season whilst the class were finishing up the first. So I don’t know if this is by default, I am also good at writing and maths. So in school I basically done my maths and English GCSE without revision (but for that reason I got B in both eek). Those are my top three skills if I am honest. Sorry for the massive BRAG session but it did feel kinda GOOD ahaha.

The aim of todays challenge is to see how we can put our skills (superpowers) to good use by either:

·         Creating a life of freedom from it

·         Helping others

So in terms of myself, being good and loving to read makes me a magnet for learning and I am always studying something even if it is just for myself (once I read a book about dogs in the library!) I love to read and study and learn, but I am not a fan of teaching in a way that people teach in school and uni etc. In terms of how to help others with this skill I feel that I can use the knowledge I have gained from my degree, my wedding planning qualification and nutrition qualifications to help coach others and teach them how to apply themselves to better their own lives.

With writing, I can get to doing what I am doing now which is blogging or writing content for my social media or my Vlogs. I don’t love to write/type things up but I love to create written form of what is being created in my head. As I can do this very quickly, word after word can just flow to me and something short like a blog will not give me writers block but I am yet to try and write a novel!! With my blog posts I plan to incorporate what I have said above and hope to inspire and motivate people (especially young women).

With maths I only plan to use that to work out money (LOL) but I am also good at solving problems which is something my dad said to me. If it’s a logical or solution that is very factual and numerical based I am your (wo)MAN! I guess this all relates to above, helping people and creating solutions!

I have enjoyed writing this post the most so far as it has allowed me to look at myself in a more positive light. If anything it is a little big egotistical but now and then the ego has to step in and get the self confidence back on track. I realised that I am good at a lot of things but everything that I am good at, all interlinks with each other and connects together nicely to help me on my path to becoming the amazing entrepreneur I deserve to be!

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